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Is growing marijuana with LED grow lights worth it?

LED's are leading the pack right now for cannabis cultivation lighting. Grow lighting has come leaps and bounds over the years with LED's having 40% reduced HVAC needs and 50% less electricity consumption in comparison to its HPS counterpart.

Our teams have designed and installed over 3,000 Gavita Pro 1700e LED lights in 2020 alone for Health Canada approved growing facilities. With its full spectrum, broad coverage, operating at only 645 watts with an output of 1700 micromoles and a proven track record of producing huge yields of potent cannabis the Gavita pro 1700e LED is a wise choice for any grower.

Our full Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light review can be viewed in our blog.

Do you have room to grow?

We offer cannabis consulting programs and would love to help get you growing cannabis like a professional!.

With our grow room design and DIY instructions anyone can build a grow room to our qualified standards. Our programs get your grow room or facility built right, the first time, helping you avoid the financial pitfalls that can come with building a grow room wrong.

From the grow room setup, the cannabis seed to the flowering stage we have you covered every step of the way. We would be glad to share our decades of experience in the cannabis industry and let it be the backbone of your new cannabis business.


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.




2,152 square feet of canopy space. Buildings generally 6,000 SqFt.

Garages, basements  or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.

For standard cultivators the sky, or should we say wallet is the limit.

Health Canada approved floor-plans designed by master growers and licensed engineers. Offering full scale planning packages for medical, standard and micro cultivation.

  • Automated Hydroponics

  • HVAC Requirements

  • Lighting & Environmental

  • Guaranteed Approval


Professional cannabis consulting. Stay on top of things with structured monthly programs catered to your facilities strain, nutrients, grow room and lighting all from your phone.

  • Regular Garden Check-Ups

  • One on One Consulting

  • Structured Monthly Programs

  • Analytics & Project Management


Room to grow? Every grow room design comes with detailed wholesale hydroponics lists. Offering all the latest automated growing technology delivered discreetly anywhere in Canada.

  • Health Canada Approved

  • Wholesale Pricing

  • Discreetly Delivered

  • 20% - 40% Below MSRP


Do you want to learn about commercial grow room design plans, hydroponic systems,  HVAC and everything else related to cannabis cultivation? . Schedule a Free 15 minute video or phone call today below. 

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