Grow Room Building

Starting an indoor garden? Our plans and construction streamline your operation, whether it is a micro cultivation project or a medical growing build.


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.


Micro Cultivation facilities with canopy space 2,150 SQ FT or lower


Health Canada medical program (ACMPR) build-outs, consultations and more.


Large scaled design, installations and consultation programs

Pictures of our work below


Find answers to the most common questions our clients have regarding our builds below

Frequently asked questions

Does the micro building need to be 6,000 square feet?

No, our main micro cultivation build plan is 6,000 square feet in order to maximize the allowed canopy space and utilize the building for all steps of the growing and harvesting phases by having adequet space to dry/trim, have a water and mechanical room, a wash up room, security & office. However if wanting to start smaller we offer custom sizes.

Are we legally allowed to grow cannabis?

Yes, up to 4 plants can be grown in every home in Canada. Excersize your rights as a cannabis loving Canadian and grow your own!

Can I buy only the blueprints?

Yes, you can choose to purchase blueprints only instead of getting us to build your operation.

Does growing cannabis smell?

No, although cannabis has a potent (delicious) aroma that can offend some people all of our grow rooms or facilities have adequet smell control using charcoal filter air scrubbers and sealed room techniques.

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