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11 Reasons to Consider a 4 Trees Facility

SEALED GROWING ENVIRONMENTS - Fully sealed grow rooms mean you have full control of your environments. Without invitation of mold, bugs or unwanted heat/ humidity.


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AUTOMATION - Enjoy more time with the plants and over 70% reduction in labor opposed to manual soil growth with automated feeding/ draining, light control, fertilization and environmental control.


HYDROPONICS - Reap the benefits of 3X the growth speed and vigor and easily achieve consistent, heavy weight harvests of quad quality flower using our patented , simple to run systems.


SOP PLANS - Take comfort in our carefully designed standard operating procedures catered to your specific growing style and facility.


1,500 PPM OF C02 - Achieve a constant 1,500 PPM of C02 during the day cycle without loss or huge costs with our sealed rooms and gain a 40% increase in yield.


HEALTH CANADA APPROVED FLOOR-PLAN - Have your facility designed in a lab style working manor with Health Canada's interests and sensitization at top priority.


WHOLESALE EQUIPMENT PRICES - When working with 4 Trees you gain access to wholesale hydroponics equipment pricing.


CLEAN & EASY TO KEEP THAT WAY - Our facilities are designed with cleanliness in mind. Interlocking PVC wall liners, low profile steel walls & antibacterial floors.


ON DEMAND CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Offering unrivaled customer support, consulting programs and more.


TECHNOLOGY THAT'S TESTED - Having over 2 decades of experience in this field we have tested all the latest technology and only recommend the best lighting, systems and brands.


SAVE ENERGY & WATER  - Save 90% water consumption with our growing methods and 50% reduced electricity.

About our grow room planning

Starting a micro-cultivation or commercial facility requires a good floor plan and growing systems in order to pass inspections.  Our plans are designed by master cannabis growers with professional licensed engineers in a working flow that Health Canada requires.

Can I buy blueprints only?

Yes, you choose to purchase only the blueprints or DIY plans. We have package plans for the home grower as well as large-scale cultivators and cover all bases including, standard operating procedures, feed and grow guides, and detailed system manuals.

Does my commercial facility require a floor-plan?

Blueprints with a proper working flow and understanding of fertigation systems are required by Health Canada for micro cultivation or standard producer facilities. We bring decades of experience and understanding of growing systems along with Health Canada's strict requirements to the table and streamline this difficult step for you.

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Benefits of our systems

Designed by growers, for growers. Using real-world knowledge gathered over decades of experience and hundreds of growing systems. Only implementing best-growing methods and technology.

  • Fully controlled environments

  • Growing, fertigation and environment scheduling

  • Automated hydroponics systems

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Professionally designed blueprints

  • Health Canada approved floor-plans

  • Consultation programs for any skill level

  • Approved by licensed engineers

  • On-demand customer support

  • Customizable to work with any style or budget

  • Remote planning available

Standard operating procedures

(SOP) plans are required by Health Canada for micro cultivation or standard producer growers. They are the standard operating procedures required for the daily maintenance of the growing facility. Over 20 years of experience is poured into every (SOP) plan. We want you to succeed!

Clarity is key

The importance of clarity in a business relationship is not overlooked by us. All projects are carefully calculated down to the cent and itemized.

Projects are completed in phases with all steps along the way outlined and presented in a clear format.

How does this help the home grower?

Grow tent, greenhouse, or basement, If you have room to grow, we can help!. Work with one of our team members to create a custom DIY grow package plan that incorporates all materials needed, designs, growing guides, and more. From seed to harvest we have got you covered.


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.




2,152 square feet of canopy space. Buildings generally 6,000 SqFt.

Garages, basements  or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.

For standard cultivators the sky, or should we say wallet is the limit.

Health Canada approved floor-plans designed by master growers and licensed engineers. Offering full scale planning packages for medical, micro and standard cultivators​

  • Automated Hydroponics

  • HVAC Requirements

  • Lighting & Environmental

  • Equipment Lists


Professional cannabis consulting. Stay on top of things with structured programs catered to your facilities strain, nutrients and lighting all from your phone.

  • Regular Garden Check-Ups

  • One on One Consulting

  • Structured Programs

  • Custom Feed Charts


Recreational cannabis cultivation licensing completed by our award winning attorneys, master growers and licensed engineers for both micro cultivation or standard cultivators.

  • Filed by Licensed Atty

  • Health Canada Communications

  • Award Winning Service


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