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Frequently Asked Cannabis Cultivation Questions

What size does my micro-cultivation facility need to be?

The most common micro-cultivation facility size is 6,000 square feet. Although your canopy space can be 2,152 square feet you will still require roughly an other 4,000 square feet to incorporate all the needed working space and rooms for the facility in a working flow required by Health Canada.

How long does the micro-cultivation application process take?

The micro cultivation licensing application generally takes between 4 and 7 months for approval from Health Canada from the point your facility is fully operational and licensing has been properly submitted.

How much cannabis can one light yield?

Under ideal conditions a 1,000 watt flowering grow lamp or quality LED contender yields between 1.5lb - 2lb per light. There are many variables such as strain, lighting, growing system, environmental controls, c02 and more that factor in to your overall yield and quality though. 

How much is cannabis worth in the recreational market?

As a recreational grower you would receive between $5.00 - $14.00 (CAD) per gram depending on the quality. This means that the farmer will sell a pound of Canadian recreational cannabis to the government for between $2,240.00 - $6,272.00 (CAD). The government then distributes it to the dispensaries or sells it online. In British Columbia the one to handle cannabis sales is the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

BC Liquor Distribution Branch Cannabis Updates

How many lights does a micro cultivation facility have?

This can vary depending on the users growing style and budget. Generally a 6,000 square foot micro cultivation facility will house between 98 - 120 grow lights.

Do LED lights produce quality yields and flowers?

Yes, LED lights can grow large yields of dense, high quality cannabis. Many of the commercial LED grow lights out today are out performing the leading double ended 1,000 watt counterparts. They will also reduce your electrical load by 50% per light and HVAC needs by 40% as well as becoming the new normal for indoor grow lighting as new regulations and energy conservation rebates take place.

Is it worth it to start a greenhouse?

Although it is cheaper in light costs to utilize the sun for your lighting as much as possible, the heating costs, greenhouse construction and other environmental controls add up fast and the end product is not as quality as fully indoor grown cannabis. You will also be more susceptible to bugs and moulds in this setting.

What is "medical" growing?

The term medical grow, or (ACMPR) stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Allowing a "patient" to grow a set amount of cannabis plants in Canada based on the doctors daily consumption recommendation. This licensing was initially released on July 30th 2001 in Canada as (MMAR) Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (That's how they decide to spell marijuana).

Is hydroponics worth it?

Yes, growing in hydroponics offers faster growth with more control, automation and less invitation to bugs and moulds. Hydroponics is the preferred way to grow for most professional cannabis cultivators. Plants grown in hydroponics will also be richer in terpenes and cannabinoids due to the added focus on root health.

Do you offer apprenticeship programs?

Yes, we offer training and apprenticeship programs to train new growers. Our monthly programs are structured and catered to your facilities growing style, strain, lighting and nutrients. Weekly programs keep you learning at the right pace and your gardens in check.

How do I take advantage of wholesale equipment pricing?

All 4Trees Cannabis Building customers receiving planning or consulting services will receive access to wholesale hydroponics pricing at 20% - 40% below MSRP costs.

How do I determine plant problems?

Take a picture of the plant, send it to us and give us some information on your garden. You will receive prompt notification of your problem diagnosed by a master grower. The first check-up is free.

First garden check-up by a master grower is  free

Cannabis cultivation facilities need check-ups too.

Have one of the professionals at 4Trees Cannabis Building check-up on your garden for free. Just send us a picture of your garden or plant issue and fill out a short form so we can learn a bit about your garden. A cannabis consulting agent will diagnose it and send you our recommendations promptly.

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What is the best recreational license?

Both micro cultivation and licensed producer can be very lucrative licenses to obtain. Although named micro cultivator the facility sizes are commonly 6,000 - 8,000 square feet in size and are often the preferred choice for people getting into the cannabis cultivation industry. Licensed producers have some limitations as well but you are not restricted in canopy size. 

What is the best hydroponics system?

Although we have favorites for certain grow rooms there are many methods of hydroponics, some suited better for certain growing outcomes, strains, licenses or lighting. For example; a medical grower limited to 50 plants would benifit from a deep water culture style hydroponic system where a commercial grower with no plant limit may want to take advantage of the quick vegetative times and versatility of a stone wool drain to waste style drip hydroponics system.

Why is hydroponics better?

Your roots require a careful mix of the right temperature, nutrients and oxygen to thrive. Soil methods are constantly trying to achieve the right water retention, perlite for added oxygen etc. In hydroponics you dial all this in with the use of equipment like water chillers and air pumps to achieve the most optimum growth conditions. Hydroponics is also a more automated way of growing reducing labor needs.

Is hand watering better then automation?

No, hand watering only takes all your time up opposed to streamlining the grow rooms watering and having more time on your hands to deal with the plants. Root coverage, dry out times etc. can all be easily achieved with automated watering systems

What are cannabis extracts?

Cannabis produces lots of small leaves and flowers not deemed ready for sale, instead growers will extract this material. There are many varieties of cannabis extracts. The healthiest and cheapest to produce is called Rosin, or hash rosin.

Do we design extraction facilities?

Yes, we design processing facilities, extraction only facilities or systems. 


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.




2,152 square feet of canopy space. Buildings generally 6,000 SqFt.

Garages, basements  or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.

For standard cultivators the sky, or should we say wallet is the limit.

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The team at 4Trees Cannabis Building has proudly been shaping this industry for over 20 years. We are here to answer your questions and help people better understand the grow business.

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